For Children

A resource for Children

The sole purpose of the VAGTC is to support gifted and talented children in Victoria to achieve their true potential by actively advocating on their behalf.

The focus of the VAGTC includes:

  • Providing professional activities to schools and educators to identify, support and educate gifted and talented children.
  • Showcasing childrens’ achievements in publications, at conferences and workshops, and in the wider community.
  • Hosting competitions to provide gifted and talented children a space to exhibit their particular strengths.
  • Developing  community awareness of the educational, social and emotional needs of gifted and talented children.
  • Linking agencies and families to facilitate appropriate support and provisions for gifted and talented children
  • Promoting  activities that engage gifted children, and facilitate their meeting of like-minded friends.
  • Providing resources for  members to learn about the nature of giftedness.


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