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VAGTC 2016 Resource Book: The ultimate resource for parents, educators and students

The VAGTC is pleased to announce the launch of the sixth edition of the VAGTC Resource Book- in time for the 2016 AAEGT National Conference for Gifted and Talented Children in Sydney during October. Published biennially, the sixth edition includes up to date links and recommended programs, opportunities and resources for parents, educators and students.

"Characteristics of gifted and talented children include their extreme thirst for knowledge and their ability to draw information from a variety of sources, some of which can be less authentic or well researched. This is where the VAGTC Research Book becomes 'gold', as its contents are compiled, edited and authenticated by qualified and experienced educators of the gifted and talented". Carmel Meehan, VAGTC President, 2016

Distribution is via subscription; subscribers and members of the VAGTC receive a copy of the Resource Book as part of their membership fees.

The VAGTC Resource Book is available to purchase for $25 via contact with the VAGTC Administration Assistant at

A Kindle digital edition is available for purchase via the Amazon Kindle store here.



What can this association do for educators?

The VAGTC welcomes all teachers interested in enrichment and extension education. We believe that effective curriculum for these special students needs to be built on a real understanding of characteristics of gifted and talented learners, and requires a focus on higher levels of thinking beyond acquisition and memory.

The VAGTC conducts in-house professional development seminars for educators across Victoria. We are currently working alongside with the Department of Education to deliver VIT-approved regional seminars on the identification and support of gifted and talented students, with a focus on identifying students from diverse backgrounds.

We also run in-house customized programs for educators, schools and organizations. We also have a pool of experienced speakers and presenters who are available on request to work with your needs.

We support the recommendation that curriculum development needs to be focussed across all aspects of the curriculum, including content, process, product and environment. (Maker, 1982) We commend to you a range of gifted education goals of curriculum enrichment including:

• investigation of real problems or topics using appropriate methods of enquiry,
• students taking an active part in formulating problems to be investigated and methods by which the problem will be attacked,
• students using as raw data rather than simply reporting about conclusions reached by others that inquiry be directed toward some tangible product (Renzulli,1977)

We have resources for educators to access. For newcomers to the field of gifted education, be sure to visit our FAQs page.

We encourage you to join with the VAGTC as we explore gifted and talented education, share resources, develop professionally and support our colleagues in this endeavour.

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