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Parents are usually the first ones to identify their children's differences. This is a broad overview of some signs of early giftedness. More information is available in our FAQs page as well as our Library

How will I know if my child is gifted?

Parents usually know their children better than anyone consequently they are an excellent resource for educators and psychologists in determining a child’s giftedness. Early signs of giftedness could be evident quite early in the child’s life, early signs might include:

  • A high level of alertness.
  • An unwillingness to sleep.
  • Single mindedness.
  • Deep engagement in play for sustained periods.

In early childhood signs might include:

  • Speaking in sentences earlier than age peers.
  • A deep interest in watching and learning from others.
  • Strong passions or interests.
  • Reading before school via media, the public domain or other voluntary means.
  • A lack of social connection with same age peers.
  • A preference for adult company.
  • Wanting to do things perfectly.
  • Displays of high-level creativity through play, art, music or other means.
  • An unorthodox approach to tasks.
  • Poor organization skills.
  • Breaking abstract word and letter codes.
  • A love of strategic games, like chess.
  • Making unexpected verbal connections.
  • Curiosity with numbers and mathematical operations.

A child may be gifted in one domain or many. As parents we want our children to be happy and challenged in life and learning. If this is not their experience and you believe your child might be gifted, it is important to seek help. An educational psychologist may work in a school or may work independently. They should have the skills to assess your child and determine their level of academic potential. These assessments can be empowering and liberating for the child and their parents, they can provide excellent support in mapping future educational pathways for gifted students to support them in their educational journey.




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