October 08 2018


We are pleased to announce that the VAGTC's AGM will be held on Tuesday 30 October 2018. 

Prior to the AGM, we will be presenting aspects of our Parent Seminar from the VAGTC-DET(Vic) Regional and Rural Seminar Series. Program and AGM documentation are available via this link, or visit


September 13 2018


Up to 30 scholarships are offered to students undertaking a teaching degree and 20 scholarships are offered to students undertaking Fine Arts in 2019.

For information on other scholarships available and how to apply:

Scholarships Flyer: Download here

How to apply: via Department of Education & Training, Victoria

September 06 2018


The VAGTC team have wrapped up their tour of regional Victoria on a high note! Our wonderful facilitators did an outstanding job at traveling throughout the region to connect with teachers and parents to discuss valuable ways to identify, support and engage diverse learners. We are writing up a report on our activities which will be published in our upcoming VISION magazine.

Thank you to the schools who hosted our team. You not only did an amazing job hosting our facilitators, but you also demonstrated your commitment to supporting your students and families.

Mildura: Ranfurly Primary School

Traralgon: St Michael's Primary School

Horsham: Horsham College

Wangaratta: Wangaratta West Primary School

Ballarat: Mt Clear College

We will continue to run our seminars during the course of the year. If you would like to run a PD in your school or have us speak at one of your events, please contact

August 2018

USING WISC-V to identify gifted & twice exceptional students: NAGC

NAGC recently published a position statement regarding the use of WISC-V to identify gifted and twice exceptional students, which can be viewed here.

In short, there are recommended cautions when using WISC-V. According to the NAGC, "... the Full-Scale score may impede efforts to ensure that gifted classrooms, programs, and schools are accessible to children with disabilities.

Because gifted children – including those who are highly gifted, culturally diverse, bilingual, or twice exceptional – often show significant score discrepancies on multi-scale cognitive tests, the Full-Scale score may not be an interpretable unitary construct. Reliance on this singular score, even when statistically uninterpretable, can exclude otherwise eligible gifted children from needed services. Only when the Full-Scale score is not required, and assessment is broadened to include WISC-V expanded index scores, can a more accurate picture of the child's potential and needs emerge. Especially with twice exceptional children, the ability to document strengths and weaknesses separately is crucial for both gifted identification and acquisition of services for disabilities."

July 24 2018


VAGTC seminar facilitator, educator, and co-developer of the latest materials for the VAGTC Seminar series, Dr. Anna Pollard, does chatter with Keith Ritchie and Vic Blackwood today. Dr. Anna discussed the VAGTC's work across Victoria's regional cities.

Traralgon in the Valley Talks: Gippsland 104.7 Link to listen here, and head to the booking page to register.

July 17 2018


The VAGTC Resource Book (7th ed) is out! Make sure your membership is up to date to receive your copy.

The latest issue can be purchased online or ordered using the linked downloadable purchase order via the VAGTC SHOP.  

June 20 2018


We are on the Road to Go! VAGTC's Regional Seminar Series is proudly supported by the Department of Education & Training, Victoria - and we are excited!

Registration is free, and all registered participants receive a VAGTC Resource Book and go in the draw to win one of five 12-month memberships to the VAGTC.

The ed-seminars are VIT-accredited and are run in two sessions: GT101 and GT201. Learn how to identify, support and nurture student talent - from the underachievers to the twice exceptional (e.g. dyslexia, ADHD). Learn how to understand assessments and gain practical insights and strategies for the classroom. 
Facilitated by teachers, for teachers.

Parent Seminars provide an insight into identification, support as well as strategies to develop productive and positive relationships at school and in the community. Facilitated by parents, for parents.


First stop, Mildura!
July 25 and July 26, 2018, at Ranfurly Primary School. For more information and ticket bookings visit


VISION Magazine
VISION v29n1 has been printed and should be arriving in your mailboxes this week! 

We could not be so productive and have this much fun without our amazing group of volunteers, contributors, members, supporters, and cheerer-onner-ers as we do.

Thank you to all contributors to the current VISION magazine. Thank you to Meg Branson from Chip Centre Geelong, Geraldine Nicholas from TOM - Tournament of Minds, Susan Nikakis from Catholic Education Office Melbourne, Michael Bond and Amy Horneman from Northside Christian College, Mark Smith from Mentone Grammar, Prof Albert Ziegler from @FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg and European Council for High Ability -- ECHA and Prof Wilma Vialle from UOW: University of Wollongong, Australia, and Dr Joseph Renzulli and Dr Sally Reis from the Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development via the University of Connecticut - UConn and Sam Bevacqua and St Bernadette's Ivanhoe for another best - VISION No.29 v.1

Delivered twice a year to all VAGTC members and available to purchase online via

Editor's Note: We'd like to apologize to Amy Horneman, who co-authored the INSPiRE Program with Michael Bond. The corrected version that credits Amy as co-author be downloaded and read here.

March 20 2018

The idea for this conference came about through a brainstorm between the VAGTC Committee and the Department of Education (DET) just before the end of 2017. On Thursday, March 22, participants will see the culmination of a mass group effort (go Team VAGTC) that worked to secure the commitment from three world-class academics to come to Melbourne to present three highly acclaimed models of talent development.  

Each of the models will also be showcased in VAGTC's Issue 1 2018 VISION magazine. Make sure your membership is up to date so you do not miss out!

More information on the models and the Conference program is available here

For those who are unable to attend, follow our Twitter account for insights and updates using #VAGTC2018 and #GAW2018 

2018 March22 Press Release: Models of Talent Development

March 2018

Acknowledging and recognizing the work of others does more to boost self-esteem and morale, than even marks, a raise or incentives. The VAGTC strives for excellence in all we do - and being acknowledged by the Department of Education serves to deepen our conviction that the services we provide to our communities are meaningful and essential.

The following  extract is from a letter from the Hon James Merlino MP, received at the beginning of this month.

The VAGTC makes an important contribution to establishing Victoria as the Education State through the support you provide to parents and educators of gifted and talented children and young people across Victoria. The Andrews Labor Government has a strong commitment to achieving excellence and improving outcomes for every student, including high-ability students, in every classroom. Partnerships with organizations such as the VAGTC play a critical role in making this achievement possible.

I particularly commend the information seminars that the VAGTC has provided since 2015 to support teachers and parents of high-ability students living in regional communities across Victoria. The expert advice and support offered through the VAGTC is of tremendous benefit to parents and teachers of high-ability young people in regional Victoria.

Hon James Merlino, MP, Deputy Premier, Minister for Education and Minister for Emergency Services.

Information on our seminars is available here


Need we say more to this Australia-first conference? Join us to investigate the theory of three models of talent development. Program information and tickets available here

Models of Talent Development

February 2018 - Gifted Awareness Week update

This year, Gifted Awareness Week (GAW) is March 18-24

The VAGTC Committee has been busy planning and working towards creating not just an awesome birthday year, but an awesome Gifted Awareness Week week.  We are planning various events for Gifted Awareness Week, with some extra activities leading up to and after (and throughout the year). For more information on our activities and booking links download our printable sharable and linkable flyer or visit the GAW webpage. 

Keep a follow on us via Facebook and Twitter to be updated on new activities and booking links. Some of our events are free or have heavily discounted prices for members, so be sure you are signed up by visiting the Membership Page.

GAW Screenshot

November 2017 - AGM update

"When human connection and shared vision exist, organizations thrive" Kristy Macdonald, VAGTC President

November 2017

With the support from the Department of Education, the VAGTC is hitting the road, and heading to regional Victorian schools to conduct professional development days for educators, and information seminars for parents and caregivers.  Bookings and more information here

April 2017

As part of Gifted Awareness Week (March 12- March 18, 2107) the VAGTC launched two competitions for students that included submitting an original poem as well as a photograph with the theme “Giftedness Redefined. Who Am I?”. With a huge number of entry submissions, our judges were at odds for weeks trying to decide a winner. Congratulations to Sam and to Tvisha for work well done. Their winning entries are viewable here

Gifted Awareness Week: March 12 - 18 2017

The AAEGT's 2017 Gifted Awareness Week sub-committee has been working hard at local, state and national levels to encourage and promote a multitude of events centred on celebrating and raising awareness of the needs of gifted and talented children. We invite you to be a part of Gifted Awareness Week Australia in 2017.

Join the VAGTC in promoting and attending our Victorian-based activities - many of which are listed on our Events page and booking links attached. All VAGTC events are free of charge, so bookings are essential. Great PD for educators, and pertinent information available for families and other community members.

If you are organizing an event we would love to hear what you are doing. Email us your details or post on our Gifted Awareness Week Australia Facebook page. And be sure to like our VAGTC Facebook  page to follow event updates and other exciting news.

Are selective schools the best place for gifted students?

26 February, 2017

There has been quite a lot of chatter in the public space about the government's plans to build a boarding school for gifted and talented students from regional Victoria. In her capacity as VAGTC president, Geraldine Nicholas was asked by ABC Online's Erin Stewart to share her insights into the pros and cons of select entry schools for gifted and talented students. On re-posting the ABC Online's article to our Facebook page, we were sure to note that there was much more that Geraldine revealed, and we felt it important enough to share this with our VAGTC community. So here is the alternative (albeit real!) insight:

1.     What kinds of problems do gifted children have in mainstream classrooms that selective schools may be able to address?

Generally, gifted students, like all students, require  curriculum and learning opportunities that is appropriately meaningful and appropriately challenging (this is what Vygotsky termed in 1978 as the ‘zone of proximal development”). In the mainstream school, this is traditionally managed through a variety of methods such as subject or grade acceleration and/or content enrichment. Problems arise when the curriculum being delivered stops being appropriately challenging or appropriately meaningful. Underachievement is a huge issue for gifted students who have ‘switched off’ and have stagnated in their ‘yearn to learn’. They also risk suffering from poor mental health and/or dropping out of school.

It is however, difficult to expect a school to be able to cater for the diverse learning needs of their gifted students when they do not have an active policy that meets the needs of gifted students, or have limited resources and/or limited staff trained in gifted education.

2.     Are there any instances where selective schools might have a negative impact on gifted students?

There is extensive literature on the Big Fish Little Pond effect, where a reduction of academic self-concept may occur when gifted students are placed in settings with other similarly gifted or like-minded students. However, more empirical research is needed to fully quantify the social-emotional consequences and the extent of the effect of attending selective schools. In the meantime, it is important for students to have access to services such as student support and student counseling, and for teachers to be aware of the various implications that arise for students who are transitioning into new environments.

Research has also shown that there are gifted students who may not fit the ‘ideal gifted student’ image. These are students who may be highly/profoundly gifted, or those students who may be considered twice exceptional – that is, those students who are gifted with a disability that may hinder their ability to learn (e.g. dyslexia, anxiety, ADHD).

NEWS UPDATE: 2017 World Council for Gifted and Talented Children

As we get closer to the 22nd WCGTC World Conference in Sydney, it is time to begin accepting applications for scholarships and awards as well as nominations for President and Executive Committee members. Please see below for a list of key dates.

  • Scholarships: To apply for a scholarship to attend the World Conference in Sydney, please visit The deadline to apply is February 15, 2017.
  • Awards: The WCGTC presents awards in four different areas of recognition: Distinguished Service, Creativity, Research, and Leadership. To nominate someone for an award, please visit The deadline for nominations is February 15, 2017.
  • Elections: The term for the current President, Leslie Graves, will end at the conclusion of the World Conference in Sydney. To nominate an individual to serve as President for 2017 - 2021, please visit The deadline for nominations is January 1, 2017. Nominations for Executive Committee members will follow the election of President. Delegate elections will follow.
  • 2019 World Conference Bid Guidelines: The guidelines for submitting a bid to host the 2019 WCGTC World Conference are now available. If you are interested in submitting a bid, please contact Headquarters at
  • Make sure you register for the World Conference that will be hosted by the School of Education at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia July 20 - 23, 2017. Visit for more information.

VAGTC 2016 Resource Book: The ultimate resource for parents, educators and students

VAGTC Resource Book-Sixth Edition
Melbourne, Victoria. September 26, 2016

The VAGTC is pleased to announce the launch of the sixth edition of the VAGTC Resource Book- in time for the 2016 AAEGT National Conference for Gifted and Talented Children in Sydney during October. Published biennially, the sixth edition includes up to date links and recommended programs, opportunities and resources for parents, educators and students.

"Characteristics of gifted and talented children include their extreme thirst for knowledge and their ability to draw information from a variety of sources. Some of these though, can be less authentic or particularly well-researched. This is where the VAGTC Research Book becomes 'golden'; its contents are compiled, edited and authenticated by qualified and experienced educators of the gifted and talented". Carmel Meehan, VAGTC President, 2016

Note: subscribers and members of the VAGTC receive a copy of the Resource Book as part of their membership fees.

The VAGTC Resource softcover book is available to purchase for $25 via request to the VAGTC Administration Assistant at

A Kindle digital edition is also available for purchase via the Amazon Kindle store here.


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