Low-income children start out on a relatively even footing with their higher-income peers in terms of innovation ability, but fall behind over time, perhaps because of differences in their childhood environment.

Bell, Chetty Jaravel, Pekova, and van Reenan, 2017


Research has shown that disadvantaged children are at higher risk of falling through the educational attainment ‘gap’ by their limited access and exposure to programs, opportunities and educational resources.

For much of Yvonne Perret’s career, her work focused on assessing and supporting disadvantaged children with learning and behavioural difficulties in the UK and Australia. Many of the children she worked with highlighted the need to support disadvantaged children, and to support disadvantaged children who were also gifted and talented.

Upon her retirement, Yvonne Perret created two scholarships in her name to encourage and enrich the opportunities of disadvantaged students across Victoria. In collaboration with the VAGTC, educators from all school sectors were contacted and encouraged to nominate a student who they could identify with a “demonstrated gift, passion or skill in their chosen area of endeavour, and show potential for this activity’s future development.”

The Yvonne Perret scholarship provides two secondary school students from rural and metropolitan Victoria, with up to $2,000 to spend on items or programs that enable and enrich their learning. Administered and selected by a panel of VAGTC committee members, the Yvonne Perret scholarship is awarded at the VAGTC Annual General Meeting each year in October.

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