Yvonne Perret Scholarship

  • Life member of the Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children Inc. (VAGTC), Yvonne Perret has created two scholarships which are intended to be used to enrich the educational opportunities of gifted and talented students who reside in Victoria. One scholarship will be awarded to a secondary student in a rural area, and the other to a secondary student in an urban area.
  • The purpose of these scholarships is to assist two secondary students who have the skills and self-motivation to succeed, however, they require financial assistance to enable them to enrich their learning and reach their academic goals.
  • The VAGTC has accepted the task of administering these scholarships. A selection panel will review the applications and liaise with the schools of the candidates as appropriate. The panel's decision is final and no post decision conversations will be entered into.


Scholarships will need to be spent within a 12 month period; they are each up to the value of AUD $2000.00.

To be eligible for these scholarships students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a secondary school student in years 7-11
  • Be nominated by a secondary teacher at their current school, and have the endorsement of that school’s principal.
  • The school is able to endorse the family’s need for financial assistance via knowledge of hardship and low income.
  • The student is demonstrating talent, promise, motivation, passion and skill in a particular academic area of curriculum.

The scholarships do not cover school fees and uniforms. Applications can only be submitted by a nominating professional from the nominee's school, not from a family member.

Agreed costs submitted via the student's school will be paid by the VAGTC on receipt of appropriate invoices up to a total of $2,000.00.

To apply, please download the application form.

... I am forever grateful for the opportunities that the Yvonne Perret scholarship has provided me... With the successful application to attend the National Mathematics Summer School in Canberra I am setting my sights on maths and physics at University next year. Thank you!

Mitchell Needham, 2015 Yvonne Perret Scholarship Recipient

  • Application Guidelines

  • 1. Purpose
  • This is a scholarship which aims to support curriculum based opportunities for secondary students in years 7-11 in Victorian Schools who are demonstrating ability, perseverance and promise and who are experiencing low income and / or hardship. The Yvonne Perret scholarships can provide an opportunity to pursue their academic, music, sport, arts or leadership goals.
  • 2. Eligibility
  • All applicants need to be an Australian resident, citizen or hold a permanent humanitarian visa.
  • Applicants will be accepted for eligible young people who attend secondary school ages 12 – 18.
    Applicants must be able to demonstrate a talent or potential in a specific area that given the opportunity, could develop further.
    Examples of goal setting and perseverance in a particular curriculum area will be an advantage.
  • School leadership persons applying on behalf of the nominated student must provide written evidence of the student’s financial disadvantage.
  • Applications will be accepted from any secondary educational facility in Victoria, Australia.
  • 3.  Application Process
  • Applications will only be accepted on the Yvonne Perret Scholarship forms and can only be submitted by the nominating professional person, endorsed by the school principal.
  • Download application form
  • Applications extended to 30th JUNE 2017
  • The VAGTC Committee reserves the right to seek additional information in respect of the application if it deems this to be necessary.
  • 4.  Administration
  • Scholarship monies will be paid directly to the course administrator by the VAGTC on behalf of the successful student, on receipt of invoices relating to the use of the scholarship money.
  • Awarded scholarship funds must be spent within a 12 month period. Any unspent funds will remain with the VAGTC.
  • 5.  Reporting
  • At the completion of a scholarship a brief written report from the referring school indicating the awardees progress is required.
  • 6. Selection Process
  • A subcommittee of the VAGTC who are professional educators of gifted and talented students will assess the applications according to the criteria. The subcommittee will then make recommendations to the elected committee of the VAGTC.
  • After receiving the committee’s approval the successful applicants will be notified in writing via a letter sent to the school principal for ratification.
  • 7.  Awarding the scholarship
  • Successful students will receive an acknowledgement presentation where that is deemed appropriate.