Seminars: Regional Rural Metro

The VAGTC provides professional development programs for educators, and support and information seminars for parent-carers and families across Victoria. Our facilitators are educators with post-graduate qualifications in gifted education and are appointed by the committee of the VAGTC. Educator professional development programs are delivered across the school year and can be customized for schools on request. 

Parent-carer initiatives provide a space for parents and families to come together to share their experiences and learn from others. These may include seminars and workshops on topics such as developmental milestones, educational options, best practices in developing strong school-family relationships, assessments and career counseling. 

The VAGTC continues to be well placed to facilitate learning seminars and to provide up to date and well-researched resources for both educators and families on the identification and support of gifted and talented children.

The VAGTC plans to structure its 2018 plans to incorporate the utilization of data to support their identification of students. Working with families to support their child’s ‘diagnosis’ – whether the result indicates their child is academically gifted or gifted with a learning impairment (e.g. anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia) – is imperative for educators in their planning and implementation of appropriate support for students.

Being able to ‘read’ educational psychologist reports and understanding educational psychologist recommendations; being able to ‘advocate’ for students using standardized testing results such as NAPLAN and collating various – and often complex – forms of data to build a cross-section of evidence builds greater educator and school confidence in their identification and support of students. This, in turn, reflects positively on families when they approach their child’s school for support or advice.

The Regional Seminar Series seminars will be conducted in the second half of 2018, with VAGTC facilitators traveling to the following regions:

Regional Venues (Dates TBC)

  • St.Arnaud/Horsham
  • Ballarat
  • Mildura
  • Wangaratta

If your school is interested in hosting any of the above seminars, or you would like more information on how we can cater a seminar to your school or organization's needs, contact:

Julia Sale
Administration VAGTC

About the regional seminars

 The VAGTC recognizes a need to provide support for the learning needs of gifted and talented students in the regional and rural areas of Victoria, and one that is considered by both federal and state governments as a matter of equity for this sector of gifted and talented learners. Country educators and parent-carers do not have the access to activities about giftedness that are available to those who live in metropolitan areas of the state.

VAGTC's seminars are the initiative of the VAGTC, and as such, they are delivered according to programs developed by the VAGTC and are approved by the VIT and DET. Our facilitators are selected from within the VAGTC committee or may be appointed by the VAGTC. All facilitators are aligned with the values and the vision of the VAGTC and approved by the VAGTC committee.