VAGTC Annual General Meetings

2022 AGM Documents  November 9

Notice of AGM 2022 Letter

2022 VAGTC Letter to Members – Notice of AGM 22

AGM Guest Speakers:

AGM Guest Speakers: Featuring student voice through “Stories of the Gifted” – videos presented at the National Education Summit Gifted Symposium including live Q&A with the students. (6.50PM – 7.20PM)

2022 AGM Agenda

VAGTC AGM Agenda 9.11.2022 (click on link o download)

2022 Annual Report

VAGTC 2022 Annual Report  (click on link to download)

2021 AGM Documents  October 27 

2021 Annual Report

2021 Annual General Meeting Minutes

VAGTC AGM Minutes 27.10.21

2020 AGM Documents  October 28 

2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual General Meeting Minutes